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Soft Skills
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Executive Training

Soft Skills Training Programs

Soft Skills Training Programs conducted by Centre for Marketing & Management Development are part of Executive Training, based on individual and group needs in an organization.

It is well known that Soft Skills play vital role for professional success and can be extremely helpful in several situations. What if some employees have great domain knowledge and yet are falling behind on the people skills? For them our soft skills training would lead to Empowerment. Again, several others would need soft skills training as part of Continuous Learning to sharpen their skills for higher challenges.

Soft Skills Program Focus Areas
Effective Business Communication
Communication Skills Program for Executives
  • Communications Skills Program
  • Business Writing Skills Program including e-mail, report writing, etc.

Executives having great technical or domain knowledge but lacking in communication skills is a common scenario in business. We have excellent workshops that address this issue successfully.

Effective Business Communication Skills Programs conducted by Centre for Marketing & Management Development are designed to increase your skills with emphasis on verbal communication skills, non-verbal communication and business writing skills. Organisations derive several benefits as our programs help to:

  • Improve workplace communication, including cross-cultural communication
  • Enhance Customer Communication and Customer Service
  • Improve business relationships
  • Increase productivity

Experience suggests, Business Communication Program is a major tool for empowerment for many Executives in the workplace.

Communication Skills Program for Managers

Managers need to communicate all the time in many situations, internal and external to the company. Effective communications is a part of life for practising Managers.

Communication Skills Program for Managers conducted by the Centre for Marketing & Management Development is a premier program that helps Managers with the following:

  • Communication skills needed to deal with internal and external stakeholders
  • Interpersonal and Group Communication Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Coaching Skills
Sales Effectiveness

Sales Effectiveness Training is conducted by the Centre for Marketing & Management Development through a power program on sales process, selling skills and overall customer handling skills depending on the target group

Sales people who are on the go and looking forward to helping their customers and creating real value should attend the program. This is also a great workshop for senior sales people with experience, who would like to further sharpen their selling skills and accelerate their career.

Gone are old days. Modern customer is savvy with a world of options and requires new ways for the Marketer to sell products or even solutions. So what is it that works? It is integrating the entire customer experience that matters today. Our Sales Effectiveness Training Programs help you do just that.

With multi-tier programs available, please check for details on the Sales Training page.

Leadership Development

The Leadership paradigm has changed over the years. Organisational success today depends upon the performance of its leaders, not for directing the subordinates but for influencing and inspiring team members on reaching their goals. It is well known that individual’s performance as a Leader has profound effect on the organisation at every level. Accordingly our Leadership Programs are designed and targeted towards different levels in an organisation.

Centre for Marketing & Management Development conducts some of the most powerful Leadership Training Programs for different levels in the organizational hierarchy:

  • Leadership Training Program for the Senior/ Middle Management:
    Program is meant for high calibre Managers and professionals. It focuses on important concepts of Leadership & Strategy, and prepares participants to sharpen their innate leadership skills to deliver a vastly more effective style of leadership.
  • Leadership Training Program for Junior Managers / Senior Supervisors:
    Leadership in an organization is not quite at the apex only. In practice, foremost organizations portray leadership at all levels and encourage their staff members to play leadership roles in their respective spaces, i.e. to act with the spirit of a leader. The program immerses participants into the institution of Leadership and inspires them to embrace their roles as aspiring Leaders.

For details please visit the page on Leadership Training.

Negotiation Skills

Many times business and personal success depends on how well you negotiate. As a Leader, Manager or entrepreneur you have to frequently negotiate in different situations where the outcomes have significant effect on business issues, individual performances and even the organizational culture.

Negotiation Skills Program conducted by the Centre for Marketing & Management Development ensures that you are always mentally prepared for negotiations.

The workshop will take you through the negotiation process, the tools and techniques of negotiation and help you in building negotiation skills to:

  • Achieve the best possible outcomes for your future negotiations
  • Learn adopting a powerful yet ethical style of negotiation
  • Develop confidence to manage conflict and resolve a dispute
  • Reduce stress while going through the negotiation process
  • Influence the opponent’s behaviour
  • Create a win-win relationship for the long term
Presentation Effectiveness

Presentation Skills Training Program and Public Speaking Courses conducted by the Centre for Marketing & Management Development enable you to deliver persuasive presentations. Many say the power of presentation can make a big difference between success and failure in the life of an executive. It is known that effective presentations and public speaking skills are important in business, leadership roles, sales & selling, and so on.

Attend our Presentation Skills Workshop and learn how to deliver High Impact Presentation by:

  • Making different types of presentations, displaying the sign of versatility
  • Delivering presentations based on key objectives
  • Positioning yourself and presenting your ideas with power and enthusiasm
  • Making a professional impression every time you speak
  • Having a better grip on audience understanding and interaction
  • Creating the WOW factor

We offer multi-level programs on presentation skills training depending on the preparedness of the target groups. Please share your needs for us to suggest the appropriate program

Experience suggests, being an expert presenter is an empowerment to many people across the industry

Effective Interpersonal Relationships

Effective Interpersonal Skills Program conducted by the Centre for Marketing & Management Development helps to build bridges between individuals in the workplace and forms the basis of business relationships. In present day complex world there is a realization that foundation for solving business problems rests on positive relationships and the ability to influence others.

Participants will learn to overcome workplace obstacles by applying interpersonal skills to work their way towards positive results that will in turn translate in achieving the organisational goals and also bring in career success.

The workshop is designed to enhance personal effectiveness, understand and make the best use of human potential at all levels, whether internal colleagues or external stakeholders, such as clients, suppliers and various agencies that are linked to business. The program actually changes the perception of how relationships can be leveraged for creating a better, productive workplace.

Team Building - Outbound Experiential Program

Team building programs are organized to make work groups more productive and build greater synergy among the team members.

Outbound Team Building Programs strengthen this concept with the help of outdoor activities and games, each activity symbolizing several important skill sets. This is the reason why outbound programs are much more effective than indoor workshops.

Outbound Team Building Programs conducted by the Centre for Marketing & Management Development are high energy experiential programs that enhance individual and team performance. Skill improvement takes place in several areas of teamwork that leads to great magnitude of personal and group development. In fact, after attending these one in a lifetime programs individuals and groups re-discover themselves.

For details please visit the page on Outbound Training

Customer Service

Have you ever wondered why customer service never showed up as a differentiator for your company in the marketplace or helped you gain a competitive advantage?

Customer Service is what you deliver to get customer satisfaction. Excellence in customer service is the real differentiator that creates a strong reputation in today’s marketplace.

Customer Service Program conducted by the Centre for Marketing & Management Development trains your people to adopt a successful customer service approach.

The program is an eye opener and game changer for many, and helps participants to:

  • Improve customer handling skills
  • Learn about internal and external customers
  • Lay down processes and standards for delivering service
  • Welcome customer complaints and resolve disputes
  • Measure service performance
  • Build reputation on service and let the world know about it to gain new customers
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