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Leadership Training Programs

It is well known that growth of an organization depends on several factors, the most critical being effective leadership. Successful leaders achieve their objectives through their teams, and are much more than just being good managers. It requires skills of an effective leader.

Leaders have several qualities that play pivotal role in a business or an organization. Yet above all, leaders need to have clear vision of the future and the ability to rally people towards fulfilling the vision.

Centre for Marketing & Management Development conducts Leadership Training Programs for different levels of participants to enable them maximize their Leadership potential.

Senior/ Middle Managers Leadership Training Program is conducted with the objective of transforming their leadership skills to the next level, by moving from being a senior Manager to a Leader and Strategic Thinker. The ability to get along with others and motivate them may no longer be sufficient in the present day dynamic business scenario. They must be able to provide the organization with Strategic Leadership to positively influence the organization culture.

The program is anchored on four main areas:

  • Personal Leadership
  • Strategic Management
  • Performance Management
  • Organizational Leadership

Not only does this workshop ignite passion and engagement by developing leaders as Coaches, it also provides participants with leadership traits and decision making skills that in turn create immense value for the organisation and its stakeholders.

Future Leaders Training Program designed for Junior Managers and Senior Supervisors, who are being groomed for higher challenges. Participants work extensively on the Leadership paradigm during the program. The workshop focuses on transformation of participants from the comforts of pure domain knowledge to broadening their overall vision, their sphere of influence and ability to manage several competing priorities for a sustainable performance of the organisation. Such programs are also part of the company’s succession plan.

This workshop is conducted at an interactive platform and enables maximizing the participant’s leadership capabilities through the use of role plays, activities, case studies, group discussions, videos and equips participants with new capabilities.


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