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Executive Education

Management Development Programs

(1-3 Days Short Duration Programs)

Management Development Programs conducted by Centre for Marketing & Management Development are part of its in-house Executive Education series of knowledge workshops and cover several Management disciplines.

We also collaborate with B-Schools and delegate Faculty as necessary in Marketing and other domains for their structured Post Graduate Executive Education curriculums

Value-added Management Development Programs for Corporate Executives

Creating a Customer-Centric Organization
  • In today’s changing marketplace, historic models of running a business are surrendering to the new. Only organizations that are fully market driven can outperform competition by delivering total customer experience
  • Such organizations not only develop a sound customer-centric approach, they also align all aspects of their business for an integrated organization wide strategy to develop & deliver goods and services of meaningful customer value.
  • This is a cross-functional training program designed for Sales & Marketing Executives along with other Functional Area Executives. The program creates a collaborative learning environment and presents participants with tools and framework to understand and further develop this key strategic capability.
The 21st Century Manager
  • This workshop is anchored on inputs to create a clear vision for Managers to survive the dynamic environment. It deals with critically important topics such as Business Strategy, Corporate environment analysis, People and Process management, and above all, the hallmarks of the 21st Century Manager
  • Senior & middle level Executives across functional areas gain immensely from valuable insights on the big picture of the corporate ecosystem, and by transcending to be the new breed of Managers.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Know about the new Customer Relationship Paradigm. Learn how to create Loyal Customers.
  • The program takes participants through the fascinating world of CRM, its managerial & technical concepts, and creates an interest on how to embrace and leverage CRM in our daily lives.
Empowering Successful Sales
  • A program designed to develop & sharpen the selling skills. It leads the participants to understand an effective selling process and trains how to anchor the sales process on value based selling.

For details please visit the page on Sales Training

Supervisory Development Program
  • Deemed to be a Promotion Readiness program for supervisory staff due for promotion as Officer/ Manager, it offers participants a wholesome learning experience for preparing them for their enhanced roles
  • The supervisory Development Program deals with business administration and leadership issues that give participants a value added learning experience to make an impact on the organization. The supervisors are generally in their existing roles for several years and this workshop helps them leapfrog into their new roles as Managers.
Channel Management
  • Skills necessary for managing a channel network is different from those needed for handling a direct sales force. The Channel Management Training program is designed for sales people who are responsible for managing partners and partner programs.
Retail Training Programs
  • Retail Management Training Program conducted by Centre for Marketing & Management Development covers Retail knowledge and also the various complex challenges of Retailing. It develops participants into effective Retail Managers equipped with required knowledge, tools and insights to impact the performance of the company
  • We also provide Training workshops that are essentially Retail Skills Development Programs for Junior Retail Executives who are the backbone at the operational level.

For more details please visit the page on Retail Training

Customer Service Program
  • What is exceptional customer service? What is gap analysis in Customer Service? How to handle difficult customers? Participants learn through the workshop to answer these questions.
  • Customer Service Program conducted by Centre for Marketing & Management Development illustrates examples of world class customer service and simulates live situations of customer complaints. Participants learn the ropes of great customer service that can help them project a customer friendly image.
Young Managers All-round Orientation Program
  • Comprehensive Management Development Program covering various cross-functional areas of management. Young Executives find this program invaluable due to its inter-disciplinary approach covering Strategy, HR, Operations, Marketing, Finance, QM, Corporate Governance, etc.
  • Globally, modern managements are increasingly relying on their young managers by entrusting larger roles & responsibilities. This program acts as a great platform for exposing them with emerging concepts of management & business applications, grooming the young talents for tomorrow’s roles.

This program may vary between 3-7 days depending on the group.

Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) Training Programs
  • We offer SME Training for Executives & Staff Development through programs that are customized as per needs. Workshops can be held on a Cluster basis. Do contact us with your requirements.

★ This is a partial list only ★
Please contact us for customized programs to suit your requirements
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