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Business Consulting

Centre for Marketing & Management Development offers Business Consulting services across major domains in the following areas to corporate organizations and SMEs:
  • Business Strategy, Sales Strategy and Sales Management
  • Marketing and Sales Audit
  • Business Process Development / re-engineering
  • Channel Management & Control
  • Corporate Training Consulting
  • Comprehensive Corporate Services
Business Strategy:

We assist our customers in envisioning & defining Business Strategy for their organization. We will help apply strategic planning tools to analyze the market and capitalize on market opportunities by leveraging existing organizational capabilities and building new ones.

Sales Strategy & Sales Management

In order to achieve profitable Sales growth, we support our customers on Sales Strategy and Sales Management related areas such as Target markets, Sales methods & tactics, Sales systems, Policies, Promotion, Distribution, and Customer Service

Marketing Audit

Marketing Audit is a powerful tool to assess the robustness of an organization’s Marketing Plan. Marketing Audit takes a holistic view of a company’s marketing environment, objectives, activities, and compares them with the highest standards in the industry. We identify operational strengths and weaknesses through Marketing Audit and recommend necessary changes to the company's marketing plans and programs.

As a matter of fact, Marketing Audit should be the starting point for all managerial actions in Marketing as it provides a systematic pathway to improve future performance. To create an organizational scorecard for your company for future action as we carry out a Marketing Audit, we will ask you questions related to several areas, such as:

  • The company’s business and its vision
  • The internal marketing environment, corporate culture, plans, marketing organization
  • External marketing environment, competition, marketing channels & channel dynamics
  • Current marketing platform and practices of the company in terms of Marketing functions also expressed as the 4Ps of Marketing viz. products, pricing, placement / distribution and promotion (advertising & other campaigns)
  • Marketing metrics of the company and of its peers in the industry
  • A comprehensive Marketing Audit will also include sales audit (elaborated separately below)

The observations from Marketing Audit will give us the opportunity to address gaps in your Marketing Plan, allocate the right resources for marketing efforts that will help your company enjoy the true Power of Marketing.

Sales Audit

Sales Audit is an objective review of the sales strategy, structure, systems and sales/ service efforts with special emphasis on your people and motivation. Sales Audit is ideally an integral part of the Marketing Audit package so that the composite picture on Sales & Marketing is available to the Management. Yet Sales Audit can be done independently also. Sales Audit areas will cover:

  • Sales Functions such as Territory Allocation, Lead management, Order Management systems, Compensation & Incentives, Sales Training, and Marketing Integration
  • Customer Service Functions such as CRM, managing the Customer Interaction Centres (CICs), providing technical/ domain related service, and customer service training.

Express intention of the Marketing & Sales audit is to address the gap between the ‘as is’ and ‘should be’ states, so that customer satisfaction is enhanced and at the same time the sales & marketing efforts bear better financial results for the company.

Business Process Development/ Re-engineering

Companies often wonder why business processes do not fetch adequate returns. We assist companies in ensuring that gains in business development/ re-engineering are perceived and sustained. Not only do we do the gap analysis, we consider the business process changes, look at the overall eco-system and also the management side of sustaining these process improvements.

Channel Management & Control

For companies this is an important avenue of growth and pain as well! We provide channel management solutions for marketers to manage, measure, and optimize sales & marketing programs with respect to the company’s indirect sales.

Corporate Training Consulting

Creating a training culture runs supreme for developing and nurturing talent in an organization. Based on the needs (TNAs) we will create training & development platform for our client organizations and support their multi-layer training initiatives through effective design and delivery of programs.

We can also undertake to handle complete training responsibilities for your organisation. We will act as your Training Coordinator for the various types of training, irrespective of our specialization.

Comprehensive Corporate Services

We facilitate sales improvement of organizations. In order to map the processes, we will meet your Sales Management, VPs, Directors and other senior management to look at your sales management systems, market situations and organizational culture from different perspectives. Our consulting initiatives will help you to:

  • Maximize sales productivity by refining your sales process and optimizing sales cycle time
  • Perform Sales Audit periodically to identify areas of improvement in the Sales People, Sales Systems, Policies, Promotion, Distribution and Customer Service
  • Channel Positioning, Channel Management & Control, Channel Motivation
  • Develop a company wide customer service culture that supports sales growth
  • Train your sales force to unlock their full potential, and develop them to be the industry’s best
Other Services

Our Business Consulting Services can span other areas as well as per your organizational requirements that may come up from time to time.

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